At Crick’s Funeral Home Limited we take care of all your funeral needs. With a purchase of a coffin or a casket, our funeral package includes:
Collection of body
Storage of body
Preparation of body
Hearse service
100 - 125 leaflets
10 - 15 corsages
10 – 15 photo badges
1 frame photo
Transport from the church to cemetery and back to town in Castries area.
Additional fees include:
Church service: $ 100.00
Public Tomb: $ 1,840.00
Opening & Concreting of Tomb: $ 350.00
To acquire lot: $ 8050.00
Burial on Saturday: $ 862.00
Burial on Sunday: $ 1150.00
How to Make Funeral Arrangements:
1 Contact funeral home to pick up the deceased
2 Death Certificate has to be issued and obtained from deceased doctor. Ensure to walk with anyform of identification of the decease, such as Passport, Drivers license, Id card, Birth Certificate, etc.

3 The Family of the deceased would need to visit Crick's Funeral Home to make final funeral arrangements, e.g.Choosing a Coffin/Casket, preparation Death Announcement, identify the Tomb/Grave,etc.

4 Contact Church for funeral service - date and time of service
5 Contact Crick's for any additional questions.
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